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Let’s face it, great music is synonymous with a great party and there are certain songs that are just guaranteed to get your guests busting a move on the dance floor! Why not take the guesswork out of planning the perfect reception playlist and ask your guests what they want to hear directly? Taking guests’ song requests is a sure-fire way to keep your DJ spinning all the crowd favourites and to keep your dance floor packed all night long! A fun way to get your guests thinking about what they want to hear ahead of time is to take down their requests when they RSVP to the wedding. You may simply include a line on the reply card directly, or if you’re short on space, you could include a separate enclosure card altogether.
We cannot relate to this personally, but the reality is, not every guest at your wedding will want to let out their inner Beyoncé and break it down on the dance floor all night! For those guests who would rather put up their feet than kick up their heels, offering a designated post-dinner seating area creates a great space for guests to relax together, while still remaining part of the party. Sure, it is perfectly fine for guests to return to their dinner tables to mingle and chat, but depending on the size and scope of your wedding, you may run the risk of having guests scattered all over the place! A lounge area (especially one strategically positioned near both the dancefloor and bar) is a great way to bring everyone together and keep the party going!
Photo booths are certainly not new to the wedding scene, but year after year they always remain a huge hit with guests of all ages! They not only serve as a great source of entertainment for guests who want break from dancing, but they also make for a fun alternative to the traditional wedding guestbook. To put a personal spin on the wedding photo booth craze, we recommend that you get creative with it! Why not consider customizing a photo booth backdrop to include you and your partner’s initials and wedding date? Or why not take a cue from the couple below who had a cut-out of their family dog printed, giving the fun props a personal spin? Either way, your guests are guaranteed to have a blast!
In order to counteract the wearying effects of too much merriment, serving a late-night snack is a great way to not only keep your guests’ stomachs satisfied, but to keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning as well. With it sometimes being a few hours between dessert and the end of the reception, guests may be ready for something else to nibble on, especially if they are busy working up a sweat on the dance floor! Late night snacks can be savoury, sweet, or both, but it is best if they are hand-held and can be gobbled up in just a few bites. Some of our favourite options include tacos, sliders, and donuts, but really anything goes!
We won’t lie, we love the traditions embedded in weddings, but with that being said, we are also all for breaking them! If a certain tradition does not feel right to you or your partner, forget it! Just because it is something that “is done,” doesn’t mean that it is something that you need to do too! By picking and choosing the traditions that best suit you and your partner, you will not only stay true to yourselves, but you will also create an incredibly personal day that will both meaningful and memorable to your guests for years to come.
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