This is how ALL couples deserve to feel on their wedding day and after! Photo courtesy of: Geneviève Albert


Your wedding day – the day that you get marry your best friend, the day that you get to be surrounded by the people who you love the most, the day that you have been dreaming of since you were little. With a day that sounds so perfect, why is it that so many couples experience the feeling of regret after their big day has come and gone? We are not talking about the runaway bride or the “what have I done” kind of regret (that is a whole other blog post!), we are instead talking about the regret that has to do with some of the crucial decisions made during the planning process that can greatly impact a couple’s view of their wedding day.


When it comes down to it, you have one chance to plan and execute the wedding of your dreams. There are no re-dos, no second chances. And for many couples, this is the largest-scale event that they have ever planned to-date! No pressure, right? With only one opportunity to have a perfect wedding day (not to mention the months of planning and hard-earned money spent), there is absolutely no room for the feeling of regret. Couples deserve to remember their wedding day as a day for love, laughter, and happiness, not for the feeling that they wished that they had done things differently.


There is nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing, that we would hate to hear more than couples feeling this way after their wedding day, which is why we have put together our top suggestions for a “no-regrets” wedding!





No caption needed – this is the absolute truth!


This should not be surprising to anyone. It is as true in everyday life as when it comes to planning a wedding – you absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt get what you pay for. So, why is it that so many couples base their choices on price alone?


Believe us, we know that weddings are EXPENSIVE. There are so many elements that go into planning a wedding, that if you are not careful, even the largest of budgets can quickly become stretched thin. This is why it is important, no matter what the budget, couples focus on spending their money smarter. Hiring vendors based on price alone can be just plain disastrous! An unreliable or untrustworthy vendor can make or break your wedding day. Good vendors spend a lot of time and a lot of effort building their reputation within the industry, and most often than not, their price is a direct reflection of their work.


This is why it is extremely important when setting your wedding day budget that you and your fiancé create a list of all of the elements that you would like to include in your wedding, and start prioritizing. For every couple, there are always those things that they cannot live without – whether that is a videographer (trust us, this should be on everyone’s list!), a certain photographer, a venue that holds a special meaning to them, or those centerpieces that the bride has been drooling over for months on Pinterest. But, just as there are those “must-have” elements, there are also aspects of the wedding that will just not be as important and perhaps can be removed from the list entirely.


Focusing your wedding day budget accordingly, and finding the best vendors that your budget can allow to cater to your “must-have” list first, will ensure that the elements of your day that matter the most to you, are executed well, reducing the risk of disappointment after your wedding day has come and gone.





One of the many advantages of hiring a wedding planner! Here is “Super” Stacey coming to the rescue after my adorable nephew decided it was a good idea to spit-up on my wedding dress during family photos! Not only was Stacey there to clean up the mess, but her presence on my wedding day also enabled me to be completely relaxed – even as this was happening! Photo courtesy of: Miv Photography


Okay, sure, we will admit that we may be a bit biased here, but couples thinking that they can plan their wedding all on their own, is often the first major mistake leading them down the road of post-wedding regret. We cannot tell you just how often we hear from couples who come to us mid-way through the planning process, completely stressed out of their minds, wondering why they are even getting married in the first place! And after hiring us, the always satisfying – “we should have done this from the get-go.”


Planning a wedding of any size is a huge undertaking, and most often than not, couples greatly underestimate the amount of time and energy that goes into the planning process. Obviously, this is where the nasty term “bridezilla” (or “groomzilla”) comes from, and really and truly, planning a wedding can turn even the most relaxed, easy-going person into the dreaded “b-word.” This is why (again, yes, we are a tad biased), we strongly believe that couples should seek the help of a professional to assist with the planning and coordination of their wedding day, before it is too late.


Obviously, not everyone has the budget to hire a wedding planner to swoop in and do it all, but choosing the most comprehensive planning package that your budget will allow is money well spent. A planner can help direct you to the best vendors in the industry, pull all of the pieces together to bring your wedding day vision to life, be a neutral sounding board for difficult and stressful decisions throughout the process, enable you to sit back and actually enjoy your engagement (isn’t that a novel idea?!), not to mention allowing you to be “present” on your wedding day – trust us, we could go on all day long! But the bottom line is, we feel that a planner’s services is invaluable in ensuring that a couples wedding day is had without any feeling of regret.


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