When it comes to deciding on your wedding colour scheme, it can be overwhelming…


…just trying to figure out where to start! And it doesn’t help that one of the first questions brides are often asked is “what are your wedding colours?” This certainly puts the pressure on to make a decision, and with so many beautiful options available, choosing your wedding colour palette can make even the best of us “commitment-phobic!”

So how does one go about choosing the right colours for your big day, you ask? Well, look no further! We have put together five questions to help you narrow down that hot mess of a Pinterest board you have going on and hone in on the colour scheme that best represents you and your partner!


We know, we know! You are the bride and it is your big day, so why are we asking about your bridesmaids? Well, the lovely ladies who will be standing by your side can actually play a major role in helping you choose your wedding colours! I know for me personally, my bridesmaids were quite vocal about which colours they would and would NOT wear, which may sound like I had some major “bridesmaid-zillas” on my hands, but actually, it worked out to be extremely helpful!

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Here is my bridal party in our top choice – navy! I loved the way my other colours of blush, ivory, marsala, and even tangerine popped against their dresses! Photo courtesy of: Miv Photography
It was important to me that my bridesmaids felt comfortable on my wedding day and with all different skin, eye, and hair colours, it was clear that not every colour in the rainbow was going to be an option. After speaking with my girlfriends, we were able to settle on a short list of colours that we were all happy with, which in turn, not only helped choose dresses for my bridesmaids, but it was the perfect starting point to shape the rest of my wedding colour scheme.


When you take a look around your home and your closet, what do you see? Do you see mostly neutrals? Maybe the occasional bold pop of colour? Or perhaps you see a wide array of colours and patterns! Whatever it may be, taking a closer look at the colours and styles that you naturally tend to gravitate to can be extremely helpful in narrowing down the endless array of colour options for your wedding.
I love how this mostly pastel bouquet is elevated with that bold pop of colour! So gorgeous! Photo courtesy of: Joel Bedford Photography

For example, if you notice that you are someone who prefers to dress mostly in neutrals, but will accessorize with a bold pop of colour for fun, you are already well on your way to choosing your wedding colours! Above all else, it is important to stay true to yourself and what you love, so what better starting point than your own personal style? Yes, there are SO many beautiful options out there, but when you stop to think about what you really love, the rest will fall into place!
Your venue plays a major role in how your overall wedding design will come together, and your wedding colours are no exception. It is important to take cues from the style and colours (or lack thereof) that are naturally occurring in the space to create the mood and atmosphere that you want for your wedding.
Talk about a blank canvas!
Is your venue essentially a blank canvas? Are there elements that you would like to minimize? Or perhaps elements that you would like to enhance? Regardless of where exactly you are getting married, looking to your venue can help shape the direction you take for your wedding colour scheme.
Most sources suggest choosing between two to four colours that go well together and sticking to them, in order to give your wedding a thoughtful and cohesive look. While we do agree that this is good advice, we are also firm believers that there are definite exceptions to this rule!
How many colours do you count here – I was definitely breaking the “rules” and I am so glad that I did!
For example, if you are drawn to a more “undone” or “organic” look, you will want to throw the four colour maximum rule right out the window, opting instead for a number of colours in slightly varied shades. Alternatively, a monochromatic colour scheme featuring one main player can be insanely beautiful and incredibly impactful!

While it is a great suggestion to look to the season that you are getting married in to draw colour inspiration from, it can be a slippery slope into out-dated wedding trend territory if this rule is followed too closely! We are past the time when pastels were only for spring weddings and bold jewel tones were reserved for the fall, instead we want you to think practically season-less when it comes to your wedding colours.
A pastel-inspired centrepiece fit for a fall wedding!
If you love blush pink, for example, but you are getting married in the fall, you could tailor the colour to the season by perhaps considering a more muted version, like Pantone’s rose quartz or dusty cedar. As Oscar de la Renta has shown us this spring, when used in the right way (like this deep green eyelet number from the spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection, pictured below), deep, moody hues make a completely natural choice for spring!
This green eyelet dress is the perfect match for any spring wedding!
Bottom line is: don’t overthink it! Treat rules as guidelines and remember that not every aspect of your wedding has to match perfectly (actually, it would be best if it didn’t!). If you stay true to you and your partner’s personal style, your decision will not only become much easier, but you will also create a timeless event with a design that you will love for years to come!
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