With your big day quickly approaching…


…we can guarantee that you are most likely feeling every emotion under the sun – from overjoyed and excited, to stressed, jittery, and maybe even a little anxious! Wedding day misconceptions can play into these emotions and can not only cause brides to feel even more stress and pressure as their wedding day draws closer, but they can also lead to feelings of regret and disappointment once the big day has come and gone. Since no bride should ever have to feel this way when it comes to her wedding, we are sharing the second part of our series on common wedding day misconceptions, so you too can keep the happiest day of your life just that, happy!



When we put SO much pressure on ourselves to look a certain way in our everyday lives, it should really be of no surprise that brides feel this tenfold when it comes to their wedding day. Just as we often think that our bodies need to (and somehow will) transform into the bodies that grace the cover of the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated before we travel to a beach-y destination, brides can so easily fall into a similar trap when preparing for their wedding day.  Brides can spend months agonizing over every little pore, hair follicle, and cuticle to make sure that they are as perfect as they can be before being immortalized in the wedding album. And sure, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best on such a huge day in your life, but the added stress that can come along with it, is just plain wrong.

I remember when I was newly engaged – I had picked up some wedding magazines and I could NOT wait to get home to sit on my sofa with a nice big glass of wine and ogle over the shiny pages. And ogle over them I did, but I was struck by something as I was flipping through. In one particular magazine, there was an article on how to lose your unwanted weight in time for your wedding day. This was not surprising to me as we see so many weight-loss articles in magazines nowadays, but I was appalled by how the magazine was suggesting that I lose and keep the weight off! There was one suggestion in particular that really bothered me and that was that the magazine was suggesting that I completely cut out all alcoholic beverages in the months before my wedding day.


Now, I know that this is a totally logical suggestion because as most of us know, alcohol contains loads of sugar and unwanted calories and when not consumed safely and in moderation can lead to serious health issues, but when I read this tip (among some other gems that were equally as “helpful”), all I could think was, this person has clearly NEVER planned a wedding! Asking me to cut out the delicious glass of wine that I had just poured to enjoy in a moment to myself over my beloved bridal magazines? Asking me to cut out the glass of wine that I plan to enjoy after navigating a stressful week of wedding planning? Asking me to cut out the glass of wine that I would love to savour on a rare date night with my fiancé? I don’t think so.


Sure, from a weight-loss and physical health perspective this suggestion made a lot of sense to me (and yes, this was the goal of the article), but from a mental and emotional health perspective, it could not have been more off base! To ask me to completely deny myself something that I enjoy as a treat during such an emotional and busy time of my life? I could not think of more impractical advice! Because let’s face it, if I had cut out those delicious glasses of wine that were had in both celebration and in stress-relief during my engagement, I still would not have transformed into a supermodel ready to strut the bridal catwalk! And in the end, that was totally fine with me.

Sure, I maybe would have liked for my body to have been a bit more toned, my skin a bit more glowing, and my under-eye wrinkles a little (lot) less, but looking back, those things that I had stressed so much about in advance of my wedding day, were the FARTHEST things from my mind when my big day finally arrived! If I have any regrets about how I looked on my big day, it was how much time and energy I wasted on worrying about it beforehand! Being lucky enough to get to marry the love of my life surrounded by all of the people who love us the most, made me feel absolutely beautiful inside and out!


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