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We have been talking all about wedding day misconceptions the last few weeks…


…the nasty preconceived ideas that sneak up on both brides and grooms alike and if they are not careful, can not only lead to feelings of added stress and pressure as their wedding day draws closer, but also to feelings of disappointment once their big day has come and gone. We hate nothing more than to hear about any negative feelings when it comes to a couples wedding day, so this week we are sharing the final part in our three week series on common wedding day misconceptions, so hopefully you too can avoid them!
As a bride, control freak, and perfectionist, I definitely fell into this misconception when I was planning my own wedding, so if you find yourself feeling the urge to micromanage your own wedding day vendors, know that you are not alone in this! But, like any good twelve-step program, the first step to reforming your behaviour is always to start by acknowledging your denial. If you have any doubts about whether or not you are guilty of micromanaging, take a moment to think about all of the times that you may have passed on someone’s offer to help, even though your plate was already too full; felt that if you didn’t do a task yourself, it wouldn’t have been done properly; or how about constantly checking in on a task, despite handing it off to a capable delegate? If you are guilty of doing any one of those three things frequently, here is your opportunity to admit to your micromanaging ways and make a change that will help you maintain (or get back) your sanity during your wedding planning process!
When I first started planning my own wedding, I, like most brides, thought that I could do it all. And this is not to say that it’s not possible to plan your own wedding successfully but, for me, seeking out the help of a professional wedding planner came when I realized that there was no way that I would still be engaged by the time my wedding date rolled around, without finding someone to help lighten my load. I am someone who is organized, loves to research, and lives for a plan (if any of my friends are reading this right now, I can guarantee that they are nodding their heads and rolling their eyes!), so I thought that planning my own wedding would be an absolute breeze. What I didn’t account for was all of the other little things that come with being a bride yourself – namely that it is the most important day in YOUR life and the pressure to pull it off successfully all the while maintaining all of your other responsibilities and relationships, is a totally different ball game!
Looking back on my wedding now, I can rate the top three best decisions that I made during the process and they were: 1) saying yes to marrying the love of my life (!), 2) hiring a professional to help plan my day, and 3) trusting my planner to do her job without my supervision or interference! The last point is definitely an important one. Being able to relinquish the control that I felt over planning my wedding and allow my planner to do her job fully, not only helped me to relax, but it also gave my planner the space to do what she does best – plan! In hiring a planner with a fantastic reputation who I could trust with such an important event in my life, I would have only been hindering her ability to do her job had I been checking in and controlling her every move. I wish I could say now that my wedding day has come and gone that I am completely reformed of my micromanaging ways, but sadly, old habits do die-hard. Despite going back to my control freak, perfectionist self, I am sure glad that I was able to at least make the change for my wedding day – my now husband certainly thanks me for it!
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