So, this week on the blog, we are shaking things up a little…


…and asking a groom what made his wedding day the best ever! I know, I know, asking the groom his opinion? What are we thinking? That’s unheard of! All jokes aside, this is not just any groom, but my husband, Brad! And here are three of the top things that went into making our wedding day the best ever for him!




Hi everybody! I’m the “human calculator” husband that Brittany refers to on The Design Co.’s “About” page! Let me take some time away from the times tables, give my wife a break for this week’s blog, and tell you three things (other than the obvious) that made MY wedding day the best day ever!


Doing a “First Look”


I’ll be honest with you, I was NERVOUS on my wedding day (the keyword being nervous, if you can’t tell). Not because of any commitment-phobia, getting married to my now-wife was the easiest decision ever, but because of the centre-of-attention aspect and the horror of messing something up. It actually terrified me that I would be a bumbling idiot if I saw my girl for the first time that day as she was walking down the aisle. So you can imagine how relieved I was when we decided to do the bulk of our photos pre-ceremony!


We got married in Old Montreal and were so lucky to have access to a rooftop patio for our entire wedding day (and the weather needed to enjoy it)! Needless to say, this was a perfect place for our first look. Our photographer had me stand and wait on the patio while my bride finished getting ready (what’s new, eh?) until she finally snuck up and tapped me on the shoulder. These made for some of the best (and most emotional) photos of the day!


As much as the waiting was torture, I wouldn’t change the way we did it at all. We were even able to have our wedding party and closest family watch the reveal (which makes the memory that much better) and it was such an awesome way to start the party!




The Unexpected Elements


With careful prep and a wedding planner you can trust, it’s pretty much guaranteed that any “unexpected” element on your wedding day is sure to be good. Whether it’s a heartfelt gift from an attendant or close family, a scotch and cigar break with the guys, a morning love note from your soon to be husband/wife, or some of the younger guests dancing (too) enthusiastically with your wife’s 86-year-old grandmother, these are surely some of the most memory-making elements of any wedding and some good story material for future kids (when they’re old enough!).


Cross-generational dirty dancing aside, one of the best unexpected elements for me at our wedding was a gift from my uncle. While I was getting ready, he dropped in and gave me my grandpa’s trusty cufflinks to wear for the day. As my grandpa was one of the key people missing that day, it was extra special to have a piece of him so close – on top of that, the cufflinks were identical to the ones we purchased for me to wear, so it was not only meant to be, but it was also “wife-approved!”




Our Officiant


I realize that most of you are probably thinking “what? Of all the things, your officiant?” – well, slow down and let me explain myself! In the province of Quebec, anybody (with a few extreme exceptions) can be authorized to officiate a specific wedding, on a specific day, at a specific location – are you seeing where I’m going with this?


When we approached my dad about marrying us, it goes without saying that he jumped all over the opportunity and felt super honoured. (Extra tidbit: his dad married him and my mom, so him marrying us had double the “feels”). The process to do this was actually incredibly easy and allowed us pretty much complete control over the ceremony script – save for the necessary “legalese.” Sitting down with our folks to choose the words that would be said during the biggest moment of our lives built up so much excitement and emotions for all of us, and knowing that my dad would be saying them really meant that much more. Oh, and knowing I had some extra support with me at the front, above and beyond my boys, was pretty nice too!


More than anything though, having somebody so special and meaningful to us perform our marriage is without a doubt one of the top memories I have from our day. It made our already intimate ceremony just that much more personal.




Thanks for putting up with me!


Brad oo (I’m more of a hugger…)




Planning and Design: Stacey Price, The Design Co., Ottawa, ON (formerly Marry Me Productions)

Floral Design: Erin Carmichael, The Design Co., Ottawa, ON (formerly Full Bloom Floral Design)

Photographer: Miv Photography, Ottawa, ON

Venue: Hotel Nelligan, Montréal, QC

Groom’s Suit: JP Tilford by Samuelsohn, Harry Rosen